Martial Arts



Silat is a martial form dating back to the nation of Dunya Melayu Nusantara, an area comprised of the present Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Thailand. Two of the major forms of Silat is Penjak Silat and Kuntao Silat. The basic fundamentals common to these two major forms as well as lesser known Silat styles derive from animal movements and are indigenous with some Hindu and Chinese influences. Kuntao Silat is the dominant form in Lanao where the Maranao people live.

Kali as a Philippine martial form is actually Silat. The name Kali is short for “kamok lihok” which means hand move. Kali was used as a war cry by Filipinos as they attacked Spanish garrisons, and is commonly used now as referring to the Philippine single and double stick martial form.