[quote]Without a doubt, this was one of our most outstanding productions and we would not have been able to have it except for people such as you.

-Kathleen Posa, Principal – P.S. 177Q Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Filetype-jpg-icon[/quote]


[quote]Potri Ranka Manis sends the flower-bright young women of her Kinding Sindaw troupe gliding over another lawn in abbreviated scenes from the Rajah Mangandiri, an ancient version of the Indian epic The Ramayana preserved by the Maranao people of the Philippines. Read More… 

-Wave Hill, The Village Voice Adobe-PDF-Document-icon[/quote]

[quote] As educators, we believe that exposing children to different cultural experiences help foster acceptance and understanding of what makes each person or group of people unique and different. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage in activities that offered them an appreciation of the dances, art, music and culture of the Philippines.

-Nanet Barone, UCS Special Education Coordinator and Edna Feliciano BUHS Educational Director, Bushwick Headstart Adobe-PDF-Document-iconFiletype-jpg-icon[/quote]