Kinding Sindaw @ Lotus Showcase to Benefit The Standing Rock Water Protectors

Harlem, NY- Lotus Music and Dance invites its artists to perform at a benefit for Standing Rock Protectors. Kinding Sindaw performs with several other dance troupes associated with Lotus to raise awareness and support for Standing Rock.

Paga Apir Apir


We begin with the story of the magical butterfly, Paga Apir Apir is a dance from an epic called Rajah Mangandiri. This epic was a variant of Ramayan preserved in the Phillipines by the Maranao people in their oral tradition.


We then move over to the Maguindanawn Tribes’ traditional dance. Sayap is a dance which imitates the movement of the plants and the interactions with farmers.




Not to be outdone, next would be Silat. Accompanied by drums,  Silat is an ancient martial arts of the Melayu Nusantara, also becomes a ceremonial display or dance


Up next would be Tubaw, an excerpt of a dance called Kasipa sa mangis, which is a ritual sport performed before the bride declares who is the groom. It is performed as a part of the marriage ritual among the Maranao people.




And finally, Pangalay is a dance from the Taosug (people of the strong current)- this is a dance genre that uses the hand movements to tell stories. This piece is about the legend of the Sarimanok (magical bird)!

It was quite the sucessful show with other performances such as a Fiesta Mexicana, students of Kamala Cesar (Bharata Natyam), Bani Ray (Odissi), S.N. Charka (Kathak), and Makalina (Hula). Thank you all for coming!

We would also like to thank MJ Caragan for her lovely pictures of the event. See the full album here!